Read this before starting toxic metal detox.

Toxicity is not just aboutthe level of toxins – it is about how you body can respond to toxins !

Human body has a natural detoxification system of cleaning toxins . When it is working , body is able to clean toxins out by itself .But  sometimes  toxins accumulate faster that body has ability to filter them out , and then they will accumulate .

Detoxing involving filtering toxins out through Kidney , Liver and Gastro Intestinal (GI) tract . Efficient detoxification depends on top performance of these 3 organs. Main reason for developing chronic health problems is disfunction of these organs  and acumulation of toxins.

There is several reasons why your body detoxification system may disfunction . They are:

Toxins in the diet like additives ,

preservatives , artificial coloring , nitrates , aflatoxins

Exposure to toxic environment like pesticides , insectisides, solvents , radiaton


Conventional  medication

Amalgam dental feelings


Old age and week constitutional inheritance

Detox is very fashionable word today. What we should understand about detoxification is that it is a process of cleaning body on deeper level from accumulations of very toxic elements . it require time and persistence. What can happen if we want to go fast ?

During detox time it is very important to have you transporting organs ( one which take toxins out ) it good working state

If these transporting organs – Liver, Kidney and GI tract are below desirable level of performance , toxins that will be forced from the cells by detox from chelation  will go into your circulation faster than they can be filtered out and toxic “Jam” will be created over your Liver, Kidney and GI tract. In other words toxins will start accumulate and damage the very organs that should take those toxins out. At this point continue using chelation can create even more damage.

P.S Chelation is the process to remove toxic heavy metals from the system .

Solution to this problem is first optimize work of your detox organs : GI tract , Kidney and Liver and only then go to toxic metal detox with chelation.