NES health body scan is a device that records the energetic vibrations of human body cells and expose the level of healing abilities of the body.

It is very useful system when conventional medical tests does not collate with physical symptoms in the body. In modern days this situation is quite common. For example we can have the symptoms like pain, stress, fungus, allergy, inflammation but all medical lab test may look very normal.

According to Asian traditional medicine everything starts with energy flow. Good flow =good health. Bad flow= bad health. Long time bad flow = long time bad health.

In NES all system are connected: mental, emotional, physical. The NES scan will show not only the problematic energy flow but also explaine what creates the bad flow. Emotions and mental conflicts, environmental toxins, nutritional deficiencies, allergies, ability to process food and so on.

NES Health Scan is very helpful tool to use in combination with your medical treatment because it will guide you through the process on very fundamental level.

NES health scan work on the principle of quantum energy – everything manifest first as an energy before it manifest in the physical shape. This can explain why through the conventional lab tests we can only see pathology when they are already manifested as a disease or abnormalities.

With NES health body scan we can see possibility for developing pathology on the very first stage – energetic. Like for example candida/yeast infection could be seen on the NES scan as a specific energetic terrain or in another words energetic imprints of that bacteria. This can be present as a real microbe or as a virtual. The virtual “microbes” exist in the body when real microbes was not cleared properly and  “environment” of the body is still open to the microbes. In some cases this can explain why some microbes are coming back.

NES health infoceutical can be another area to look for increasing positive outcome in your treatment.

Infoceutical is a natural remedies that according to NES scan results will help the weak system to perform better energetically.

You can do NES scan at your home. You only need to own a NES Health Remote scanner.

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