If you feel not well after starting detox for more that 5 days

If you have diagnosed Liver , Kidney or GI tract disease.

If diet before cleaning was unhealthy for long time

If lifestyle before cleaning was stressful for long time

If overall health below the par

If you have genetically weak constitution

If you feel unwell , but your doctor can not find the reason why

If you feel unwell , but your urine test show no toxic metals

If your hair test show that you are very slow or very fast oxidative type

If you have symptoms for Liver, Kidney, GI tract dysfunction .

Some of the symptoms related to Liver, Kidney,GI tract disfunction and toxic metal accumulation.

Digestive problems ,

food intolerance ,

lack of energy ,

headache ,

bad memory , fuzzy thinking ,

chronic inflammations in the tissue  and joints

chronic inflammation in intestines ,



emotional concerns like anxiety and depression ,

renal insufficiency ,

high blood pressure ,

skin problem