August offer on remote NES SCANNER .
  Offer Ends on the 31.08.20

During August month you will be able to get your nes scan at the comfort of your own home regardless of your geographical location.

Helseklinikken Harmony offers a bundle of 1 scan, 1 hour consultation and NES Health remote scanner.

You will need to pay postal cost if you are living outside of Denmark.

Your first scan including 1 hour consultation and NES Health Remote Scanner will cost you only DKK. 1.000 ( Normal price with scanner is 2.200 DKK).
When you have a remote scanner doing the actual scan is free, but getting the results will have an associated cost either in form of consultation interpretating the scan or in form of getting a report (see below for prices).

For reading the scan :price DKK. 550 per hour ( normal price is dk1200)
You can scan your family and friends
You can request for customized full report for DKK  350 or
You can take lessons in how to read and understand scan reports for DKK 550.00 per hour

Read more information about scan read here
To order your scanner go here